Storytelling Tools

Drone, video, & stills

Visual storytelling can benefit from a variety of tools and techniques. Cathie, of Archbould Photography, utilizes some of the best to create stunning and engaging stories. In addition to still photography, Cathie also employs drones to capture unique and breathtaking aerial views of mine sites, architecture, and small communities. These perspectives add depth and richness to the stories being told.

Cathie’s skillful use of video vignettes enhances the storytelling experience even further by providing audio and visual elements that can capture the viewer’s attention and immerse them in the story. Her videos are both informative and engaging, making them a valuable addition to any visual storytelling project.

When it comes to portrait or headshot photography, the Archbould Photography studio is an excellent option with its wide variety of backdrops and settings. The studio has hosted a diverse range of subjects, including musicians, First Nation Chiefs, politicians, executives, and even canines! With consistent lighting and versatile backdrops, the studio provides an ideal environment for capturing portraits that reflect the essence and personality of the individuals being photographed.

Call Cathie today to discuss the story you want to tell and work with her on the best tools and techniques to create your vision!