Editorial Photography & Portraits

Keen eye for detail and unique ability to capture a story or personal essence

Cathie Archbould, of Archbould Photography, is widely recognized for exceptional environmental portraiture, with campaigns often built around her unique style. Cathie has an incredible ability to quickly assess a setting, consider what’s available to support the visual story, and create a dynamic image that captures the essence of her subjects.

In addition to her remarkable talent for environmental portraiture, one of Cathie’s greatest strengths is her ability to create a comfortable and relaxed environment for her subjects. Even the most challenging subjects warm up to her style and feel at ease in front of the camera. Whether you are a seasoned executive, a first-timer, or someone who generally dislikes having their photo taken, Cathie has a way of putting people at ease, allowing them to be themselves and shine in front of the camera.

Cathie has extensive experience and expertise with developing editorial photography and portraits. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, she has refined her keen eye for detail and fine-tuned her ability to capture stunning images that truly stand out.

When it comes to portrait or headshot photography, the Archbould Photography studio offers the perfect environment, with control over lighting and backdrops, and even control over the weather!

Whether you’re in need of a professional headshot or planning a campaign that utilizes environmental portraits, Archbould Photography has the skills and expertise to make it happen. You can trust that the results will exceed your expectations and leave you thrilled with the outcome.