Events Photography

Capturing moments that matter

At Archbould Photography, we specialize in capturing moments that matter. Cathie Archbould, the owner and operator, has over a decade of experience as a photojournalist, having worked with prominent newspapers such as the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star, as well as local newspapers like the Yukon News and the Whitehorse Star. Her extensive training and experience have equipped her with the skills to anticipate, find and photograph details of importance, and capture emotions and connections that illustrate the significance of the event.

Cathie understands that a strong event photographer needs to be able to tell the story and significance of the event, while ensuring good lighting and creative positioning of the subjects. She possesses both the skill and patience to capture images that will wow you. Her ability to move through the room collecting images, while ensuring she isn’t disruptive or intrusive, is another strength she brings to event and conference photography.

At Archbould Photography we understand that every event has a story to tell, and every conference has a defined purpose. Cathie works closely with her clients to ensure their vision is realized and works hard to exceed their expectations. Through discussion with her clients and observing how the event unfolds, she develops the visual story that shows the uniqueness of the event.

Cathie is also an avid social media engager and offers to post images to your social media account during the event or get you social media sized images during and/or immediately after the event, allowing you to broadcast the event’s success in a timely fashion.

Archbould Photography is the most effective, creative, reliable, and experienced event photographer in Canada’s north. Cathie’s excellent sense of timing and her ability to work quickly and efficiently, without intrusion, makes her an excellent choice for your next event. Contact Cathie early to book her for your next event and capture moments that matter.