Mining & Industrial Photography

Experience the beauty and complexity

Cathie Archbould has established herself as the leading mining and industrial photographer in the Yukon for over a decade. Her passion for industrial photography and the complex interplay between technology, people, and the environment inspire stunning imagery that is invisible to the untrained eye. Her portfolio showcases beautiful images of mining operations and industrial worksites that have been purchased for hotel rooms, corporate boardrooms, and universities.

Cathie’s extensive experience in mining and industrial worksites allows her to navigate these complex environments with ease, while always adhering to safety protocols. Her knowledge of the process allows her to capture valuable images that are of interest to investors and those promoting and supporting mining.

One of Cathie’s unique talents is her ability to make order out of what appears to be chaos. She can move into a complex site, find the activity that will create a brilliant image, and capture it in a powerful and inspiring way. Her clients are frequently surprised by the striking images she is able to produce.

Archbould Photography has the skills, passion for industry and keen eye to showcase mining operations and industrial worksites in a visually stunning and compelling way. Cathie is professional, easy to work with, and always strives to provide the best service to her clients.

In addition to still photography, Cathie also employs drones to capture unique and breathtaking aerial views of mine sites, architecture, and small communities. These perspectives add depth and richness to the stories being told.

Experience the beauty and complexity of mining and industrial worksites through the lens of Cathie Archbould. Contact Archbould Photography to schedule your next shoot.