Northern Food Photography

The heart and soul of northern cuisine

At Archbould Photography, we believe that the land and its bountiful resources are at the heart of northern cuisine. Cathie’s passion for capturing the essence of northern food through photography has led her to collaborate with some of the most renowned chefs and cookbook authors in the region.

Cathie Archbould is an experienced photographer who understands the importance of local ingredients and traditional methods of cooking. That’s why she takes pride in showcasing the unique flavours and textures of northern cuisine through her images. She captures the soul of the North through her lens and creates stories that celebrate its rich cultural heritage.

The Archbould Photography studio, located in Whitehorse, is the perfect place to stage northern cuisine photos. With an extensive collection of props and lighting equipment, Cathie creates visually stunning images that embrace the soul of the North. Archbould Photography also offers on-site food photography services that allow Cathie to capture the beauty of the land and the traditional methods of cooking, used by local chefs and cooks.

As food security and local food production become increasingly important in the Yukon, Cathie’s interest in the area grows stronger. Her library of photos in this field includes local producers and growers, showcasing cold weather greenhouses, butcher shops, creameries, and farms. Through her lens, Cathie captures the beauty of northern food production and celebrates the hardworking individuals who make it possible.

If you’re looking for beautiful northern food photography, you’ll find it at We offer a vast selection of stock photos that showcase the diversity of northern cuisine. Archbould Photography photos are perfect for websites, cookbooks, marketing materials and more.

Contact Archbould Photography to discuss your northern food photography needs. We’re always happy to work with clients to create customized photo shoots that showcase the unique flavous and traditions of northern cuisines. Let us help you share the beauty of the North with the world, through our food photography.