Yukon Hunting & Harvesting Photography

Captivating, Powerful, Northern

Cathie’s Archbould’s connection to hunting and harvesting goes back to her childhood, where she learned the value of the land and its bounty from her parents. This has been a lifelong passion for Cathie, who now boasts a full freezer and pantry stocked with moose, bison, trout, salmon, berries, mushrooms, greens and whatever else she can forage in the North.

Through her photography business, Archbould Photography, Cathie showcases her love for Canada’s north and its wildlife, harvests, and harvesters. Her stunning photographs capture the beauty of the land, the care taken to preserve the bounty, and the preparation of delicious northern cuisine.

Cathie’s extensive and unique library of hunting and harvesting stock photography is unmatched in the Yukon. She regularly updates her collection while out on the land, hunting and foraging. Her photographs have graced the pages of Yukon North of Ordinary Magazine, Outdoor Canada Magazine, UpHere Magazine, and other northern publications and websites. They have also been featured in botanical guides and cookbooks.

As food security and local food production become increasingly important in the Yukon, Cathie’s interest in the area grows stronger. Her library of photos in this field includes local producers and growers showcasing cold weather greenhouses, butcher shops, creameries, and farms. Through her lens, Cathie captures the beauty of northern food production and celebrates the hardworking individuals who make it possible.

Contact Archbould Photography to discuss your northern food and harvesting photography needs. Cathie looks forward to collaborating on your vision!