Commercial Photography

Striking, evocative, memorable images

Archbould Photography, owned and operated by the skilled and experienced Cathie Archbould, is a top commercial photography service in the North. With her background as a photojournalist, Cathie has a keen eye for capturing images that tell a story, effectively communicating your brand’s message. Her photographs are evocative, memorable, and striking, ranging from product photography that highlights features and benefits to lifestyle photography that emotionally connects with viewers.

Having a visual identity that aligns with your brand values and resonates with your clients is crucial for any business, and Archbould Photography can help achieve this. Their development of your cohesive, consistent, and compelling visual identity is a product that can be used across your print materials, social media sites, and website, effectively telling the story of your brand to potential clients.

Cathie’s decades of experience as a professional photographer for newspapers, magazines, governments, corporations, non-profits and other clients have earned her a reputation for reliability, creativity and professionalism. Her project vision, industry knowledge and technical expertise ensure that every assignment is completed on budget and on-time. She is committed to working with clients, collaborating on the development of a unique visual style, designed to meet each client’s need.

Cathie’s professional, knowledgeable approach, experienced eye, attention to detail, and commitment to quality, make her an excellent choice for any commercial project. Contact her early in your project, to discuss your vision and set a date for exceptional photographs to showcase your brand.