My friends are often asking about my shoots, over happy hour or a dinner, you know, just as a conversation starter. I share the special ones with them. It seems they’re surprised that I’m impressed by a shoot, after 20+ years. But even after a full summer and fall of shoots, there are a few that stand out. This was one.

It was a recruitment and retainment assignment. I’ve shot many of these over the years for various corporate clients. What made this one stand out? This time, the director immediately involved the employees of the project in planning the shoot. She asked them about what unique, exciting aspects of their work they thought we should capture AND asked THEM to decide where their individual photo shoot would take place, based upon best depicting their career and day-to-day operations. The result? Together we created an entire library of location portraits that truly showcase key aspects of employee positions, with portraits that ooze pride! It was one of those shoots where the client took away so much more than just a handful of ‘people at work photos’, but instead, a gallery of portraits of people doing what they love, DURING work hours!