Are you struggling to keep up with promoting your business online these days? Moving beyond marketing tools such as newspapers and radio, most companies are investing their time and energy in social media marketing. To keep their feeds updated, businesses need a large number of images, not just one or two that are repeated over and over. They need quantity to appease the algorithms, but quality is still critical to stand out from others. 

As a photographer, I’ve been booking more content creation sessions for businesses lately, and I’ve learned a thing or two about working with various brands. Audiences respond to strong images. A quantity of images allows you to post a few times a week. And so for me, maximizing the content we shoot on a session is important because most small-medium sized companies only budget 1-2 sessions a year. 

Second, variety is key to keep the images from looking the same. We can add variety by using different subjects, shooting in different locations, and changing the composition and depth of the shots. 

Third, and most importantly, authenticity is crucial to capture the energy and the tone of the business accurately. This is why environmental portraiture – your employees, in their workspace – is so critical. These people do the work that your clients count on, and you’re demonstrating that you value not only the employees (by profiling them) but also their critical roles in your organization, from the delivery drivers to the CEO. 

It’s a tricky balance to create quality images while providing a large variety, but with proper planning and an understanding of the business, it’s possible. Here’s a recent set of images I shot for Cold Acre Food Systems in Whitehorse.

Let’s talk about creating an image bank of quality images that you’ll love (and your clients will too!).